Mission Statement
The Des Moines Triathlon Club is a USA Triathlon Registered club that began in the fall of 2002.

This organization desires to:

  • Be the entry point for new people to the sport
  • Unify multisport athletes and help them achieve their goals
  • Increase awareness, education, and involvement in multisport activities and events
  • Support individuals who have financial need and allowing them to participate

DSMTri Club Mission: To encourage a fun, competitive triathlon network promoting participation, education, fellowship and physical fitness.

Board of Directors
1 yr remaining: Jeff Blosser, Shelley Goodell, Mitch Kunert, Eric McGarrah, Connie McGarrah, Megan Nitka, Doug Staudt, Nathan Hamm
2 yrs remaining: Amanda Lunstedt, Travis Kneale, Julie Kneale, Alice Castle, Amy Stanwood, Allan Woiwood                                                                   3 yrs remaining: Tom Duffy, Laura Stein
Emeritus: Tom Hamilton                                                                                                   Officers:  President, Alice Castle;  Vice President, Alan Woiwood; Treasurer, Mitch Kunert;  Secretary, Amanda Lunstedt;         Chairmen of the Board, Jeff Bloser and Shelley Goodell

Club History

Central Iowa Multisport Club, or CIMC, was formed by Jason Halfpap and Andrew Shipley in 2002. Jason and Andrew were beginner Triathletes at the time and longed for a community to easily meet and network with other Triathletes. The first meeting of CIMC was held at the Urbandale Public Library in early 2003.

Later in 2003, Jason Halfpap and Tom Hamilton begin working with city leaders in efforts to bring a Triathlon to Grays Lake and the of City Des Moines. In 2005, through diligent efforts with city leaders, a grass roots team chaired by Tom Hamilton and included Jason & Jen Halfpap, Doug Vander Weide, Craig Hanken, Jenny Weber, Kerty Levy, Mary Hunter and the management team at Hy-Vee, created an estimated triathlon race budget. The idea and budget was presented to Ric Jurgens, CEO of Hy-Vee who in turn presented to the Hy-Vee Board of Directors for approval. The initial idea and budget evolved into what we know today as the Hy-Vee World Cup Triathlon and largest purse in triathlon history.

In early 2005, Jason Halfpap and Tom Hamilton recognized that the dream of a big race in Des Moines was likely to become reality. So before the race was announced publicly, a strong tri-club became a top priority! They begin efforts to revamp the original CIMS club into a more formal organization that would become the education force behind local Triathletes wanting to enter the sport. The Des Moines Triathlon Club was born!

In mid 2005, a small group of committed individuals participated to launch the new Club –they were: Jason Halfpap–Chairman of the Board: Jeff Goodman–President, Jenny Weber–Vice President, Tom Hamilton, Reed Rinderknecht–Co Club Secretaries: Kara Oestreich, Craig Hanken, Patrick Riley, Matt Zepeda became Board members and Committee Chairs.

These tri-pilgrims met frequently in preparation for the membership kick-off event, rallied their friends and the first membership development meeting was held at the Walnut Creek YMCA on February 11, 2006. More than 75 people attended the meeting and joined as members of the Des Moines Triathlon Club after trying on Louis Garneau Tri uniforms designed and ordered by Craig Hanken and Patrick Riley.

Historically, 2006 will be viewed as the formative year for the Club. To the membership, it may have appeared that there was little activity, but “beneath the neoprene” all sorts of action was afoot. Between February and the Fall of 2006, the Club created a mission statement, formed officially as a 501(c)(3), created by-laws, committees, a website, email newsgroup, marketing materials, and recruited a significant number of club sponsors (including Hy-Vee and Rasmussen’s Bike Shop). Late in 2006, the club announced partnerships with the YMCA of Greater Des Moines and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.

2006 was also a year of great accomplishment! DSMTri offered a triathlon clinic by Carmichael Training Coach Nick White and put on open water swim and transition clinics. The Board even found time for fun for its members with a fall party at the Star Bar (that included random gymnastics and push-ups by some un-named members)! 95 people attended the Annual Dinner (catered by Christiani’s and held at the Raccoon River Park Lodge) that included a presentation by Kathy Matejka, Events Director from USAT, a presentation by Beth Damm of Hy-Vee on the 2007 Hy-Vee ITU World Cup, and a presentation by 2x IronMan World Champion Tim (and Nicole) DeBoom that reached out to every triathlete (beginner or professional).

In late 2006, the Board also decided to expand its ranks and added: Jan Mohs, Terry Grapentine, Coreen Sweeney and Colleen Kelly to the 2007 Board of Directors

2007 & 8 was business as usual, and 270 new people joined the club. Club members continued to post impressive results at all distances. Named “top 10” Triathlon clubs by Bill Burke, International Race Director and Director of the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Triathlete Magazine ran a story on the club. Shows what hard work and providing real value does for a club! The off seasons have been devoted to re-arranging some club furniture, fluffing up a few club pillows, drinking beer and getting ready for what appears as a very busy decade of Triathlon in Central Iowa.

Faithfully submitted,

~ Rex Mustang
Club Historian

Des Moines Triathlon Club